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Wardrobe basics - Black Jacket

While doing #wardroberestyling i keep on insisting that it is just not enough to have a structured wardrobe but it should be fun to dress up everyday otherwise it just becomes a routine and then a boring rut. For me each piece in the wardrobe needs to justify as to why it is there and what value i get from that being there , this #BAJAjacket is one of those versatile pieces. The side pockets ( dont miss out the detailing ) adds fun and a tie back adds the structure :) .... #blackjacket with fitted formal trousers/dresses/skirts

So go ahead add the BAJA jacket to your wardrobe and enjoy creating the fun "look" and yes a corporate look too :)


Babita Jaishankar

babita jaishankar September 16, 2015 10 tags (show)

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